Effective Small Business Online Marketing
Effective Small Business Online Marketing
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Are you looking for qualified, reliable and friendly support for your ecommerce business? I am an online marketing professional, working in the field since 2001. My main goal is to help small businesses succeed online. I can set up and manage your online marketing campaigns to help you achieve the results you are after. I can also help with conversion optimisation and website support in most cases and I send regular performance reports so my clients know what my efforts achieve. I don't overcomplicate things, I supply easy to follow documentation and focus on the lowest hanging fruit that will grow your online performance. I am very flexible and adjust to my my clients needs.

Online marketing - Driving qualified traffic to your website.


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I am an experienced online marketing professional who has helped in the past 18 years many businesses (big and small) grow and achieve their goals online. I love seeing the results flood in, and see the success or further opportunities to make the online space a successful medium. I understand the Australasian market and also the different budgets every business works with. It is most important to make your budget work the hardest for your online targets. 


"Expand Online has been looking after our Google Adwords account for some time now. Our initial plan was for Sarah to set it all up and then for us to gradually take over. After just a short period of time we realised that we would be crazy not to keep her on. She has already exceeded our expectations several times and is always full of ideas on how we can improve things and move on to the next level. Our revenue has made a drastically increase since we engaged Expand Online. We trust that she's getting us the best value for our money. Sarah is a world of knowledge, is switched on and is willing to listen to our needs. She is always quick at answering our questions and explains why she sets things up a certain way. Her weekly reports keeps both her and us on our toes and we are really enjoying to have Expand Online involved in our marketing strategy. We would highly recommend Expand Online to anyone who wants to achieve great results with Google Adwords." 


“When I received the Website Review from Expand Online, which was very detailed, I had no regrets. It gave me a great range of options to improve my website and to get more exposed.

Talk to Sarah from Expand Online, she is lovely, very helpful and has been in this industry for a long time. You can ask her any questions, she is great and really affordable, just right for small business.”